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Take the time to explore Various Sites to find a fit that suits you.Novices and Professional coders will have different needs, one of which will be the hosting of your bot and the extra services that come into play deploying your Bot.Microsoft has started testing search engine results that can chat directly to users.The company wants developers to create custom chatbots that can be added to search listings on Bing.

You may decide to explore the various services available, before you go full gun into creation.Microsoft created a chatbot that tweeted about its admiration for Hitler and used wildly racist slurs against black people before it was shut down.The company made the Twitter account as a way of demonstrating its artificial intelligence prowess.Facebook is going to add a whole host of robots to its Messenger app, in an attempt to change the way the internet works.The company is widely expected to announce a “bot store” at its F8 event for developers.

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