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For instance, it is said love handles are caused by an insulin imbalance and can be shrunk by eating less sugar.Basics: Dieticians, biochemists and other experts also dismissed the caveman diet, said to be favoured by actor Matthew Mc Conaughey (pictured), which says we should eat berries, vegetables and lean meat Sense About Science, which has created an online quiz on the issue called Spoof Diets, says: ‘People actually introduce malnutrition through overly restrictive diets…When asked why she refused to allow the assembled crowd to honor her, she replies, “All these people are supposed to come around and rave about you.I think they should have organized it the other way around, so I could have talked about their importance.”Her refusal to be part of that show is one of the many things that Los Angeles novelist and screenwriter Bruce Wagner—who wrote the 1993 mini-series in which Dickinson played Josie Ito, a sexy, villainous grandma—loves about the actress: “That was so ballsy and so antithetical to the culture,” he says.“Knowing Angie, you would think she’d have no trouble with that show; she’d think it was a hoot.” He compares Dickinson to British actress Jacqueline Bisset: “There’s a kind of easiness about the way they carry themselves in the world, a kind of devil-may-care, sexually charged quality.

Throughout the experience daters are introduced, profiled, and made to participate in erotic activities both in the mansion and off-site.A schoolgirl who was ‘relentlessly bullied and gang raped’ wrote a heartbreaking letter warning others before taking her own life.Cassidy Trevan was just 13-years-old when she was allegedly at the centre of an extreme bullying plot by a group of girls in Melbourne, Australia.They also dismissed the caveman diet, said to be favoured by actor Matthew Mc Conaughey, which holds that because we evolved eating a limited number of foods, we should return to our evolutionary roots and eat berries, vegetables and lean meat, while eschewing modern fare such as cereals, lentils, beans and dairy products.But archaeologist Erika Nitsch said: ‘While it is true that fluffy white loaves of sandwich bread won’t have been known to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, if you are worried about a healthy diet, have lentil soup, but skip the Mars bar.’ Also rejected were diets that claim to selectively slim parts of the body by influencing hormones.

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