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I am happy and outgoing and genuine and I truly love people. Join me on my crazy adventure and you will see the Las Vegas dating scene is a war zone and I feel like a soldier dumped in the front lines with no weapons training and very little ammo. I mean how hard is it to find a flippin boyfriend-right? So, feeling inadequate, I did what any somewhat intelligent, goal-oriented woman would do.

I have stood back in awe at some of my girlfriend players…. Yes I once dreamed of Richard Gere climbing up my fire escape and declaring his undying love. I am above average looking and keep in great shape.

You don't know for sure and you do not want to let him go without any solid proof because let's face it, you enjoy being with him. Also find out how someone finds a perfect boyfriend.

When you’re looking for a strong relationship, you always want to hold on to the great guys that you may find.

But we can't take the word of the President on twitter, a place where he is known to make outlandish and often false statements, and we can't take the word of North Korea either (who claims that will have nuclear missiles ready to hit Guam by mid August).

I also don't think North Korea would plan on starting a nuclear war with the country that has the only track record for deploying nuclear weapons and the strongest army in the world when they have none of that.

I do encourage you to examine what that means in the long run. A loveless relationship that is based entirely on assets and the trade-off might not be worth it (I’m almost positive it won’t be.) 2.

Men: Beware of the player that just traps you into the entire game of playing. Ladies: If all you are looking for is a paycheck…more power to you.

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