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Its structure has stayed the same since its first known appearance at one of the earliest Phish shows, 12/1/84 at Nectar’s.

The song’s early prominence suggests it was just the thing for a young band to handle in trying to hone their chops and find their style.

The cabin was built sometime around 1853 but lived in all the way up to 1981.

At one point Isabell Meggett Lucas, her eight siblings and her parents lived there.

Lucas remembers the sacrifice her mother took to keep them fed, "when she was done feeding all of us and her husband, she'd scrape the pot and eat what was left" she said.

(Jack obeys, striking him with the club) A man chooses! However, Jack's lack of choice is ultimately proven false as one act that Jack does have a choice in—saving/harvesting the Little Sisters—defines who he is: the savior of the Little Sisters who gives them a chance at normal lives (something Jack was denied since birth) or the power-hungry king of Rapture, not unlike both of his "fathers" Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine.

(Jack kills Ryan with a final, deadly blow)'” Unable to stop, Jack was forced to acknowledge that he never had a choice, even the "plane crash" that sent him to Rapture was due to Jack hijacking the plane and deliberately crashing it at the lighthouse.

A relatively simple design on the outside, the collar is actually a little marvel of engineering.

It comes with a signal transmitter that broadcasts its position to its controller, contains enough explosives to blow the wearer's head off without harming bystanders and some models include built-in microphones for surveillance.

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See more » If any contemporary director deserves to be in the mainstream spotlight without compromising their style, it's Steve Mc Queen.

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