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2016 ended with a number of important court cases and other political developments in the area of cross-border data transfers.

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner is testing the validity of Model Contract Clauses in the Commercial Division of the Irish High Court.

After all, every year since 1983 has been the year of the “Paperless Office”, but the last time I checked, the office supply place was still doing a brisk trade in printers.

By: However, if 2016 was the year in which organisations began to wake up to the need to be “data driven” and the promise of the Internet of Things and broader analytics capabilities began to bear some initial fruit, then 2017 will be the year when the issues associated with an increased maturity of thinking in these areas, and an increased realisation of the weaknesses in the ‘early adopter’ solutions, will begin to bite.

Telecommunications technologies bring many benefits by bridging the digital divide.

Tele2 has a long history of entering emerging markets by providing affordable telecommunications.

Read more about our work in the Board’s report on Internal Control over Financial Reporting.Environmental risks are considered low due to the comparatively low environmental impact of our operations.Risks of infringements of labour rights are primarily expected to appear in the supply chain rather than in Tele2’s own operations.But the benefits don’t stop there, because Teneo also helps you better understand your customers. What they think about your business, key trends and much more. Some of our customers started their NLI journey nearly a decade ago, others are only just beginning. Widdy, is a highly intelligent NLI assistant that is able to not only answer customer queries on a wide range of banking issues, but is also able to assist clients on the actual processes of banking with Widiba.Widdy also understands the context of conversations.

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