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Successful Match brought a variety of defenses, none of which work.

The Successful Match website did disclose that profiles may be shared but plaintiffs argued, and the court agreed, that the disclosure did not detail the number of sites or the nature of the relationship between the affiliate sites and the main sites.

Many users on this website are specifically looking for others with their HIV and STD status, as documented in the filed paperwork.

Although a relatively new term, the practice of choosing a sexual partner who has the same serostatus as your own is called serosorting, according to

By posting or maintaining a profile on this or any other Successful Match Network site, [users] agree and consent that said profile shall be subject to placement on other Successful Match Network sites, at the discretion of Successful Match, without further notice.

Defendant operated its own sites but also allowed others to become “private label” or affiliate partners.

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