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For now, I am trying to make every input changed to 'X' for example.So if i write anywhere "hello" it will actually write "XXXXX".Otherwise you will want to keep having these isolated conversations until that one magic moment where you leave the classroom or building and go have a coffee , snack, or smoothie together. which is completely akward, especially since my bff(who is a guy) kinda notices. I so badly just want to tell her my feelings, but i dont want our rel Tionship to change unless its for the better. Ok, I’m a girl, and I’m 15, and I have strong feelings for my female science teacher. And one day I said too my mate she might get on my nerves sometimes but I would bend her over and do her arse in!

“He’s really busy right now” “She’s got a really important job” “They travel a lot” “They’re just insanely busy” “He said he hasn’t had five minutes” You know, I’m not disputing that being busy is a very real experience, but as excuses go for why you’re letting someone off the hook for being emotionally and physically unavailable in your relationship, not making an effort, and keeping you on the fringes of their lives while you wait for your ‘time slot’, it’s actually pretty pathetic. ” After a while he realised that I was mocking him and would at least muster up some embarrassment when I’d refer to him as Busy Bee.

Being super-duper-busy all the time whether it’s them offering it up as an excuse or you’re making the excuse for them, is a rather big hint – it’s telling you that they don’t have time for the relationship and certainly don’t have time to meet your hopes and expectations, so you should be making an exit and moving on to someone and something where you’re more valued and not in their ‘queue’.

I bet they’ve found 5 minutes to sleep, use the bathroom, hang around on Facebook.

Always do give other hooks a chance to see the input.

There is no requirement to pass the return value of other hooks back, [email protected]: In general I would agree with you.

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