The importance of updating files

The software is often fee-based, and provides critical information to the network administrator.Critical information such as whether a linked interface is active or dead, if one of two power supplies has died, whether the speed has dropped from gigabit to 100Mbps, for example.Other good reasons for regularly cleaning your data include deleting duplicate records and ensuring spellings are correct.Under the Data Protection Act you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your data is accurate and, where necessary, is kept up to date.By failing to keep your information up to date, you could be throwing money down the drain by attempting to reach people whose details have changed.You could even commit a major faux pas by trying to contact someone who has died.

Remember that you need to create documentation as close to when the incident occurs as possible so that the documentation is timely, detailed, and accurate.

Documentation is the written and retained record of employment events.

Documentation is made up of government and legally mandated elements, documents required by company policy and practice, documents suggested by best Human Resources practices, and formal and informal recordkeeping about employment events.

Events such as Get, Set and Trap within SNMP make this all happen.

Trap in particular is useful, as it is an event that is designed to notify the admin of a fault condition, via an email, a pop-up dialog box, or other forms.

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