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While these things seem like common sense, it’s easy to forget basic manners the second pre-date jitters enter the fold.Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to start planning!I’m sure if you were to ask others, they might give you different advice. I can’t remember how I landed on it, but I decided Mindy and I should start challenging each other to memorize Scripture.Mindy was game, and we started by each choosing a passage about 7-12 verses long and memorizing one verse from each passage per week.We’re usually given clues when there’s trouble in paradise.Waiting too long to tend to the trouble, of course, often brings on new problems.Silly as it is, the very public divorces of our favorite celebrity couples like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner — or Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert — can be depressing for those of us who want to believe love can last.

That may not sound that impressive over the course of a few years, and I know that more determined couples could blow that number out of the water.

So how do we take something good away from those broken relationships? If there was one thing every dating couple should do, it’s this: Don’t roll your eyes at me. I wouldn’t say that much about my dating relationship with my wife Mindy was out of the ordinary or particularly admirable.

Is there one thing that you could do together as a couple–no matter who you are dating–that would ensure even after a break-up that both would walk away with something that will benefit you both for the rest of your life? We began dating at the end of our freshman year in college, and dated steadily until we got engaged two years later and married the year after that (too long of an engagement, if you ask me! The thought of breaking up with Mindy never crossed my mind, but sometime in the first year of dating I wanted to make sure that we were doing something together that would prove beneficial whether things worked out or not.

People become so immersed in their careers and so used to spending time alone, she says, “they forget how to be a couple.” The solution: Make time for one another. The problem: Underlying disdain When partners let negative feelings take over, they begin to see each other through a disdainful lens, said Dr.

Gail Saltz, a New York City psychiatrist and TODAY contributor.

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