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Enough to convince Showtime to bring it back, and the premiere aires this week!

You can watch it on Showtime in the US on May 21, 2017.

He kills Estelle's scientists before attempting to murder Henry, but Henry and Estelle flee in an escape pod, landing in Moscow.

Estelle is abducted by the mercenaries, who try to kill Henry.

Christie is believed to have murdered at least eight women at his home in 10 Rillington Place, Ladbroke Grove.

His victims included Timothy Evans’s wife Beryl and their baby daughter, Geraldine, who lived in the same building as the killer.

Co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost combined soap opera melodrama with a dark, supernatural murder mystery to great effect, and there hasn’t been a show quite like it since.The writers of a new BBC drama about serial killer John Christie went to extraordinary lengths to show how the man hanged for his crimes was framed.They pored over the original trial reports and evidence, talked to a relative of the executed man — and consulted an FBI profiler.“We then took it to an American ex-FBI profiler for his independent thoughts,” they said.“They absolutely chimed with ours, that it was a tragic miscarriage of justice.” They also spoke to Evans’s surviving half-sister, who told them about the “heartbreakingly frustrating” moments when he could have been cleared.

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After 27 years, the weirdest show in television history is back.

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