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has used its own, distinctive slanguage in headlines and stories, words like ankle, which refers to someone leaving (say, walking away from) a job, or whammo, which refers to something terrific, especially box office performance.In part it was a device to fit long words into small headlines, but it was also to create a clubby feel among the paper’s entertainment industry readers.The guys are up on the apartment roof performing a lunar ranging experiment.While Raj is using the telescope after he's done watching "The Good Wife" on someone's TV, Leonard thinks Penny would like to be up here to see what they are doing. Zack is afraid that when the laser hits the moon, the laser will blow it up.This is a parody of Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother.The text in Italics will be John's narrative - to his kids ;)You don't have to know HIMYM to understand the story here but basically: All the Sherlock characters ((including Moriarty)) are friends who hang out together, 221B is actually their hangout spot and they discuss the stuff that happen in their lives HIMYM-style. Most of them were busy gazing around them, probably wondering why they ended up in another fridge, but one of them stared right at him, squinting."Hello," he greeted the potato reluctantly.

Watch as they solve murders (at the gay club), find clues (like footprints that lead to the gay club), and wear silly disguises (both to and from the gay club), that is if they can stop arguing over who should buy the milk!Inspired by several Tumblr posts, I decided to write an Avengers Sitcom.You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.“SAG’s elected leadership looks to be holding out hope for a merger with AFTRA.” AMPAS — Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.ankle — A classic (and enduring) Variety term meaning to quit or be dismissed from a job, without necessarily specifying which; instead, it suggests walking; “Alan Smithee has ankled his post as production prexy at U.” anni — anniversary; “American Movie Classics scheduled a night of Elvis Presley pics in observance of the 20th anni of his death.” arthouse — motion picture theater that shows foreign or non-mainstream independent films, often considered high-brow or “art” films; ” ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ was one of the biggest hits ever on the arthouse circuit.” ASC — American Society of Cinematographers. for ‘Men in Black’ is whammo overseas backdoor pilot — Not a Variety creation, pilot episode filmed as a standalone movie, so it can be broadcast if it is not picked up as a series; Cabler has begun casting its telepic/backdoor pilot “Ichabod and I.” BAFTA — British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

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From hate-mongering news shows and reality competitions to sitcoms with cardboard characters of color and puppets inspired by crude ethnic stereotypes, these are the 50 most racist TV shows of all time.

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