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I have to believe that Bach understood what a magnificent work his “St. From what we know, however, he probably assumed it would serve its purpose and eventually be retired.

But Beethoven more or less started the idea of the composer as colossus: a heroic visionary with a rare link to transcendent realms, creating symphonic works for the ages.

Your donation will serve as your entry in a monthly drawing to receive either an autographed copy of I wrote a piece in which I pleaded with Mitt Romney to toss away his copy of the Marquis of Queensbury rules and to stop playing defense in his battle with Obama and his gang of dirty tricksters.

We saw what happened to John Mc Cain when he tried to remain above the fray and prohibit his supporters from even mentioning Obama’s ties to Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones, and we don’t need a repeat of his patty cake campaign. Romney play dirty, but that he constantly keep Harry Truman’s words in mind.

Now, in truth, classical music bears some responsibility for propagating the idea that the art form is the greatest. The towering composers of earlier eras, even Bach and Handel, thought of themselves as artist-practitioners, creating the works their jobs demanded, even recycling existing pieces when pressed for time.Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Comey FBI Stuff / Russia HACKS / Gamne of Cards / Megan Kelly and Alex Jones / London Building Fire / DC Shooting / Headlines /Look, mike cant type all this s**t right nowjoe and clown join the show / no plans for the future / MIK COULD BE DRUNK / audio problems / Mike still ant read / big politicis / Mass shooter father at the clinton rally / snapchap / wikileaks / Softballs break / Monster of the week / Top Aleins...Joe and Clownbaby join the show / This is a drunk show / SC Shooting Rampage / Listener Emails / Ireland Email / Fireman Matt / Are We Alcoholics?So very excited, especially since my TBR pile at the time included no library books, one paper ARC, and three digital titles.I was getting awfully close to having nothing to read!

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But it’s not just Romney who is reluctant to recognize that all’s fair in love and war, and this election is about as close to existential for America as anything since World War II.

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