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Summary of Responses PN members addressed the question by citing examples of various countries that have used video cameras and/or webcams in the voting process, stating issues and/or advantages with usage, recommending criteria for successful usage of video cameras and webcams in the voting process, and stating other measures sometimes used to promote transparency and build confidence.A summary of the responses follows: 1) Examples of countries that have used video cameras and/or webcams in the voting process: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan have all done this.Tags: cameras, crime, economics of security, privacy, surveillance Posted on December 26, 2008 at AM • 18 Comments • December 26, 2008 AM CCTV's have been proven to be a waste of time, effort and money.We're leaving aside the studies that prove unequivocally that they don't stop, prevent or really reduce crime in the first place. What countries use or have used video cameras/webcams in polling stations as a confidence-building and transparency measure?How have these countries assessed their experience, taking into account costs and the effect on public confidence?Mass-spying cameras represent a sunk cost that has to be paid for somehow, and with crime rates sure to go up during this recession / depression, one has to wonder about the wisdom of buying zillions of cameras only to find that you can't afford to pay for someone to watch them.• December 26, 2008 AM Ah, but they have the advantage that they prepare the populace to the next War on Freedom by slowly getting it used to being spied on daily.

Near the small city of Northampton,the highway crosses the wide Connecticut River.

After testing six wireless self-installed home security systems, we've decided that our new pick is Live Watch Total Home Video.

It uses the same equipment and apps as Frontpoint, our previous pick, but it costs slightly less, has shorter contracts with no early termination fees, and includes a feature that lets your family group-chat in the event of an alarm.

That, for a government, has to be a major reason to have these, even if unmonitored.

Besides, a lot of unmonitored feeds can be checked after the fact, once something is known to have happened in the vicinity.

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