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There are 23 formats for media from AVI to MOV, PNG to MP4.Finally from an office file perspective, we have 26 formats from CSV, DOC, PDF, PPT and XLS, among others. Single source for information Once we have uploaded all the project information files (BIM execution plan & contract documents etc), we can add important dates to the project-specific shared calender, update our project wiki page, or visualise some of the design data we have uploaded to the project.If you send your code, someone might be able to catch your problem. In the meantime, I am just contented with clicking the command button one more time as if refreshing the displayed report the 2nd time. d End Date = x Last Day(d End Date) 'Ending date to report 'Check correctnext of month entered If Trim(cmb From Month. Text) Then Msg Box "Enter a proper starting month name!

The interaction with the model is also extended to a search facility to focus directly on a manufacturer or family type.There seems to be a cache that keeps throwing the same data repeatedly although another recordsets of data have already been saved in the source table. I fetch a set of data records that could fill up to 7 columnar pages (e.g. very important for us farmers to forecast budgeting and raw materials). Text) Then Msg Box "Enter a proper ending month name! I use Data Environment as data source for my report, Data Access Object for my forms and MS Access as database repository. Maybe somehow when you show the report, it's not updated yet, maybe it gets only updated after you click the ok(or whatever). I think the size of the data being generated is pushing MS access or MS Jet4.0 provider to the limit. I tried for the past few days to do all sorts of initializing the data environment, tables and data object but causing another error "failing to get row sets" (whatever). Text d Start Date = Format(d Start Date, "MM/dd/YYYY") d End Date = cmb End Month. Text 'part of determining d End Date = Format(d End Date, "MM/dd/YYYY") 'last date of the month. This setting is only needed in situations where you have multiple addresses for a computer and need to force ROS to a particular one.affect the actual bound address as ROS components bind to all available network interfaces.

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