Updating firmware for dvd drive

Firmware is held in non-volatile memory devices such as ROM, EPROM, or flash memory.

Changing the firmware of a device may rarely or never be done during its lifetime; some firmware memory devices are permanently installed and cannot be changed after manufacture.

DVD burners use special "write strategies" in their internal drive firmware to customize the way their laser works with each different brand of blank DVD.

The firmware monitors the buttons, controls the LEDs, and processes the button presses in order to send the data in a format the receiving device, in this case, a television set, can understand and process.

In about 30-seconds or so, you will receive our email with download links from our firmware updates database server.

Several times a month, we will send you news about firmware, DVD/CD media, and other productsa.

I very much like the concept of not having to use the Firmware Update CD for several reasons.

Since HP constantly updates firmware you would normally have to fumble around the HP site and re-download either the updated ISO or the individual update.

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you may not be able to update using these utilities, please contact Technical Support for instructions on updating the firmware via an IDE connection.

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