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Password is always 6 characters.,cisco, Unity,1.3.2,local,bubba,(unk),, Part numbers imprinted on the installation disks with a local user account bubba default RAID Manager address and DHCP server address:80-7111-01 for the UNITY-SVRX255-1A80-7112-01 for the UNITY-SVRX255-2A,ducati, Diavel motorcycles,,console,,last 4 digits of the motorcycle's VIN, Start and drive the motorcycle without a key, This is the ignition password - if you have one of these bikes change the password ASAP as you may be liable for any accident damage caused by the thief!Speed Touch is the brand of routers, DSL ADSL modems , Wireless APs that are produced by Alcatel and Technicolor SA.The safe solution is to get a password manager to generate secure passwords for your router and remember it for you.Roboform Password Manager is exactly what you want - saves encrypted passwords to log you into your account with one click.All generic Firmware issued by Thomson since r5.3.0 has default usernames & passwords; the default user is: Note: the router OS is *nix, which means that both the username & password are c As E s Ens It Iv E.

Getting a Username with a Super User Privilege: To do this you need a un/pw with (at least) an Administrator privilege.

A good password should be: If you've changed the Speed Touch router default password but can't recall it, See How to Reset Speed Touch Router Password Now Just changing the Speed Touch default password doesn't solve the problem.

If you ever forgot the default password, you are probably unable to remember the changed Speed Touch router passwords.

By adding your router I can create all the guides, screenshot databases and have your router work in my programs.

All you need to do is use my easy to use router screen capture program.

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