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I have a JList to which I publish the data as and when it becomes available.

Its a simple streaming service: method is invoked within the event Dispatcher Thread.

in your app you could instantiate a thread that reads your records every 5 or 10 seconds, looks for changes and update the jlist.

When processing starts, my UI (the JFrame) consecutively adds items to the list with no break between adding items.

It basically means, "This is such a bad idea we aren't even going to think about what might happen if you do it", lol.) In summary, if you know the data you want to display in a JList is going to change over time, manage your data as an instance of a Default List Model.

I can't seem to find where I should listen for changes or update. When making a main method for Manager Index that creates a JFrame with the components it gets ... A Text is entered in textfield and on pressing search button, it searches the text in HTML document & adds HTML document name to jlist.However, my JList still does not get updated until all items have been added. I created a simple program that replicates the problem and pasted the location into the Attachment edit box, but when I do a Preview Post I don't see any option to view the file. So I must be over-simplifying the problem or making assumptions. If you create your data as an instance of a Default List Model, you can just change your data, and it will fire off events to update the JList for you.But if you create your data as an object array or Vector, it looks like the only thing you can do is to call the (I always like that "undefined behavior" disclaimer.

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