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The Google Marshmallow update also includes specific notification controls for sensors that an app requests access to so these will appear when you first use an app.Unlike past permissions, you won't get a list of sensors that are never used by the app.Reports show that only 10 percent of Android smartphones are now running Marshmallow.Yesterday, I upgraded the T-Mobile Black Berry Priv to Marshmallow and am enjoying the benefits found in the upgrade.A focus of the Marshmallow update is security so Priv owners will find enhanced security elements included with this update.An update to the DTEK secure app provides you with the ability to control what data is shared and when for specific apps.After a Black Berry smartphone has received an update to its operating system, the device will reset and start up with the new software.

If your Curve is still on the white screen displaying an hourglass after two hours, it's likely that something went wrong and the device isn't able to reboot.Before you upgrade, you should always read the announcement blog post properly before starting.The new version’s changes will clearly be explained and provide an insight into how difficult the upgrade will be.You need to use the latest version of the software. If you’re just one point behind the newest version - for example, if you’re using 1.6.3 and the newest version is 1.6.4 - then you can use the changed files package. If a changed files package is not available then the latest version of the software should be used.Once you’ve downloaded the correct upgrade package for you, it’s time to do the upgrade.

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Additionally, for the initial reset after a software update, the operating system needs to rebuild its file system and database structure from scratch, which can take a considerable amount of time.

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