Updating psp firmware 4 21 to m33

I agree you would hope their would be some small bit of functionality apart from just a security patch.

Well I don’t really mind but I am hoping this also means that a nice big patch will also be coming along for the PS3 that will fix that dang remote play problem that most people have with the PS3 turning on automatically when used via the internet. The security flaw requires you to knowingly and manually put files on your memory stick.

First and recommended way is to buy original UMDs and insert into your PSP and enjoy your game on PSP.

The other way is to hack PSP by installing custom firmware on PSP, download games from the internet, put them into your PSP memory stick and then play games on PSP. Once you’ve installed the custom firmware on your PSP now download your desired PSP Game (ISO/CSO). If the downloaded PSP game is a compressed file then make sure to extract iso/cso using Win RAR.

Press and hold down the right shoulder button while powering on the psp. When done, manually restart the psp by completely shutting down again. When powering back on, you will see a blue error screen with lots of words in different languages on it. Even just one person because then, it was worth guys....i have a 6.60 version on my psp...after updating it to this version my games aren't showing....i tried to update it to pro but when i enter the update..turns off after few seconds...i tried this but when i enter it from the memory stick it says "the game could not be started"..."corrupted data"my psp cam is working...music is working so does videos and everything exept my game..i enter the memory stick it's like it's empty...i actualy have games in it....please help guys....i have 6.60 and my games aren't showing in the memory stick....i tried to format the memory card and nothing happend....i want to upgrade to pro...i enter the pro upgrade then it turns off after few seconds....i tried this but i don't know how to make it work.....i can't play games....please help guys....i'm so breaked cause i can't play invizimals and i bought the camera few days ago....

Most people know of the famous pandora battery technique which will unbrick and/or downgrade a psp's firmware. All should not be lost if you have the means to reinstall the custom firmware.

Keep in mind that your PSP requires a custom firmware of at least 3.71m33 or higher and 8MB of free space on your memory stick.

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PS3 – Voice Cross Chat to at least 4 people on a Phone Chat..

kinda like HOME but would beable to do what we want while on the PS3 Phone. “Screen Shot Ability for when ever we want, playing music, videos, internet, games, anytime anywhere please.” ——————————————- PSP – And to add…. ——————————————- PSP – Add some more Divx Support for us also!

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Copy PROUPDATE and CIPL Flasher folders to PSP/GAME/ 9. From the xmb (main psp menu) run the CIPL Flasher from Game - Memory stick.

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