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The target OS is Windows Server 2008 R2, and the installer is running with elevated priveleges.Update: Thanks to the link provided by @Anders, I was able to get this working.set /a "counter =1" goto :eof :: end of sub1 :: start of sub2 :sub2 rem 1st: count again, rem 2nd: if counted number equals random number then start the file.set /a "counter =1" if %counter%==%rd Num% (start "" "%file Name%" &echo Starting %file Name%) goto :eof :: end of sub2 @Assylum Oh, I thought you meant with "the .exe".

Once you divine the syntax, you can easily create a start menu shortcut to any file or folder on your system and then move it from the start menu to the folder of your choice. It takes four parameters, which must all be passed to the batch file, and in exact order.Some PC applications just work together like two peas in a pod. There’s Skype and Pidgin, Steam and Raptr, and more.When you’re using one of these, launching the next one just feels natural.The secret lies in one of the best-kept, most mysterious secrets in Windows, the INF file.I've always puzzled over how it is that installation programs manage to create Start Menu shortcuts, and after a careful examination of the INF file structure, it finally dawned on me how they do it.

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