Updating software hardware in computer lab

Look at how K12 ed-tech specialists are rethinking the school computer lab on the most meager of budgets, and be inspired by their stories.Schools in all parts of the US are struggling with classroom overcrowding.The hardware and software profiles for each lab are listed below.

The computers were in excess of seven years old, running Windows XP and had very little RAM, limiting the students from doing all of the things they needed as part of their coursework.

Desktop Support Services manages Brookdale’s Software inventory administrative and academic use.

Software requests should be sent [email protected] the deadlines listed below to ensure that the software is available at the start of a semester: The request should include the following information: Mac Labs are updated at the end of the semester or on an as needed basis by request.

“We have larger classes coming in and they are going to need to share endpoints,” he explains.

He has older Dell Optiplex ATX towers, and is looking for smaller computers so he can squeeze in one or two more endpoints at each table.

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