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General Requirements Before You Install Service Pack 3 Installing Service Pack 3 Removing Service Pack 3 Resources for Advanced Users and System Administrators Copyright This document provides information about installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Both this document and the installation screens will guide you through the installation process.

To check these, press Windows key R to open Run, input dxdiag and click OK.If SP3 is in your Control Panel's "Add and Remove Programs" when "Show updates" is checked, then you can uninstall it.If not, this means that XP was installed from an SP3 boot media, so you need to follow ~quack's advice.If you recently stopped using Windows XP, then please share your experience in the comments below.The first thing you need to do is check that your hardware is compatible.

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both of those "services" have to be enabled in order for windows automatic updates to work, and for being able to use the "microsoft update" website to install windows updates.. now that i see that you are installing "win xpsp3" on the computer, i assume that you will have to install a lot of additional windows updates, after that.. I now have SP3 but it still won't scan for updates on Windows Update site. How do I enable the background intelligent transfer service?

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