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You can all set the controll not to cache, but I don't have time to look up how I did that. That i have the update panel, and inside that i have a regual panel in which i add the Web User Controls i need. What i would like is that i inside that update panel, can dispose the original Web user Control and then add a response Web User Control. Is there a way that i can load one web user control into antoher and then disposose the original? When I click on the button on the Data List in Con1 it adds the item into the Session based Cart. I need to call Bind Preview() in Con2 in order to update the Cart Preview... As the datagrid1 is on the item page and the submit button is on the user control, I connot access the datagrid directly.But you can find the code easily with google or whatever. Is there any way to acess it from the file of user control? Net Geek Website | Please ' Mark As Answer' if this helps you.... This user control contains some web form elements like But when i create it in code behined dynamically, however user control has web form controls but their value are blank for example //aspx co...Instead, consider configuring UAC to elevate without prompting.In this case, applications that have been marked as administrator applications, as well as setup applications, will automatically run with the full administrator access token.This document does not include comprehensive information for administering UAC.It is recommended that UAC prompting not be turned off in Group Policy settings or by changing the slider setting. Load ' Put user code to initialize the page here Text Box1. Text = str Test End Sub Here's Change (HTML): Hello and welcome to PC Review.

The WSS profile you access from Welcome user My Settings page.I'm in the process of running test upgrades from 7 to 8.2 to troubleshoot and catch and fix bugs.In v7 I have custom ascx user controls that display and update information from an external database.Since updating to v8.0, the data is still being displayed, but whenever a user tries to update content, the webpart disappears.I thought the issue might be because I use the API to pull user and role data, so I tried a basic default formview to view and update data, but the same thing happened. I apologize I'm self taught so occasionally there are holes in my knowledge.

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These were displayed using the user control webpart, or occasionally as a custom webpart (if it is used more than once).

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