Validating data

While any particular file is not in great danger, over the life of an archive there's a good possibility that some silent corruption will introduce itself into your collection.

In order to maintain a successful archive, you'll need to do periodic data validation if you want to be sure that everything survives.

Xceed Data Grid for WPF offers data validation support at various levels, including cells, row, and business-objects.

How and when data is validated is determined by binding- and UI-level validation rules, which are queried when a cell or row is about to end its edit process, when a cell's content is changed, or when data is loaded into a grid.

Proper data validation can spot problems early, before they lead to loss of your image files. This is probably the easiest validation to do, at least for people with a reasonably organized collection.

It is important that you validate both primary and backup storage regularly.

One advantage of using Flex validators is that they execute on the client, which lets you validate input data before transmitting it to the server.

Location data in the Mobile Ad-tech Ecosystem, however – especially that used by marketers and advertisers – has a number of distinguishing characteristics that make it more problematic.

Most customers run Factual Location Validation on between three and 100 servers; a single customer may validate location at a rate of five-billion locations queries per day at a peak of around 500k qps.

Taken together, every month Factual processes over 600 billion location data points for Geopulse Audience creation, and over 800 billion of the same for Proximity realtime geofencing.

If the Data Error Validation Rule is excluded from the collection of validation rules, validation errors reported by IData Error Info will be ignored.

The moment when the data is written to the underlying data source, and therefore validated, is determined by the value of a grid's Update Source Trigger property, which indicates whether the source is updated when a cell or row is ending its edit process or when a cell's content is changed.

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