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The latest release this documentation applies to is Fuji. To strengthen password validation rules The script variable created by Class.create() must have the same name as the installation exit itself – “Validate Password Stronger” in this example.

You can customize password strength validation rules for the change password screen by overriding the Installation Exit associated with password validation.

This document contains the following section: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control now provides you with a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing both your on-premise and Oracle Cloud deployments, all from the same management console.

By deploying Management Agents onto the Oracle Cloud virtual hosts serving your Oracle Cloud services, you are able to manage Oracle Cloud targets just as you would any other targets.

So for example if you want to accept the password "Smoke Screen" you might use the SHA1 hashing algorithm like this: function and if the result is the same 40 character string then they obviously supplied the right password.

A flaw with this plan is that if two people have the same password then they'll have the same 40 character hash (even on another server that uses the same hashing algorithm) - this could be useful information to an attacker.

The script implements the process() function which returns true if the password is acceptable and false if the password must be revised.

The Error Message function can be used to return error messages on the change password screen.

I see Asterisk making deep inroads into the financial, military, hospital, Fortune 100 enterprise, service provider, calling card, and mobile environments. From the basic beginnings of a PBX that Mark Spencer coded in 1999, the Asterisk project, with the help of thousands of developers, has moved from simply connecting phone calls and has matured into a platform that can handle voice, video, and text across dozens of virtual and physical interface types.This chapter provides an overview of the new features available in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.It covers new features in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control releases,,,, and can try this Installation Exit in your instance by checking the "active" flag and updating the record.Be sure and clear the cache after doing this so the change is recognized.

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