Validating uml models and ocl constraints

For each snapshot the OCL constraints are automatically checked.

Information about a system state is given by graphical views.

A model can be animated to validate the specification against non-formal requirements.

System states (snapshots of a running system) can be created and manipulated during an animation.

— Unified Modelling Language is the standard language for modelling the software architecture of a large scale application system.

It makes a blueprint for the construction of software design.

These constraints are invariants which are described by Object Constraint Language (OCL).

OCL is a formal modelling language which is used with UML class diagram to model a system with a high abstraction level.

For running all tests, you will need some Unix tools like GNU make, perl, sed, etc.

UML class diagram provides the structural behavior of the system but at the same time precision and details are also required for proper System Analysis and Design.

In order to achieve this precision and detail, constraints needs to be described.

Using a formal language has been favored when getting ben- efits of its expressiveness and unambiguity is critical and affordable.

However, it is not easy for one who has no strong background on mathematics to use formal languages.

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