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XML Schema is the most widely-implemented standard for describing the structure and contents of an XML instance document.

Defined by the W3C as a replacement for Document Type Definitions (DTD), XML Schema has become a crucial adjunct to other XML Web Services standards such as WSDL.

These are the same constants you define when using XML Schema for SAX parsing, and they are declared at the beginning of the Because JAXP-compliant parsers are not namespace-aware by default, it is necessary to set the property for schema validation to work.

You also set a factory attribute to specify the parser language to use.

In the earlier tutorials we saw how to build a JDOM2 document using SAXBuilder. Now lets look at an example that shows how to specify an XSD externally.

First, make sure that these extensions are enabled on PHP installation.DOMParser is recommended if the DOM tree structure of an XML document is required for random access and modification of the XML document.In this section we shall validate the example XML document with XML schema document catalog.xsd, with the SAXParser class. Create a SAXParser object and set the validation mode of the SAXParser object to SCHEMA_VALIDATION, as shown in the following listing: Validates the complete XML document with an XML schema if the parser is able to find a schema.While the ei Console and the ei Platform do not require the use of XML Schema, they do provide a number of useful tools for interacting with various XML schemas / XSD files.It’s 2017 and you still prefer using XML(Extensible Markup Language) to JSON(Java Script Object Notation) for data-interchange? Everything you want to say about the trade-offs of either of them has been dealt with here.

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At the end of this section, you will also learn how to use an XML Schema definition to validate a document that contains elements from multiple namespaces.

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