Vc dating dating voor fietsers

The Altos team have been investing in rapid growth businesses since 1992 and together as a team since 1995.

We currently have investsments in 48 growth-stage software, internet and media businesses, with a current valuation of 5MM.

Convincing someone to lend you millions of dollars to fund your weeks-old business idea is no easy task.

We like to back companies that can grow efficiently without relying on excessive amounts of outside capital.Pitching a venture capital investor is not an exact science, but here are some ways you can help your pitch stand out.The biggest turn-off for a VC is an entrepreneur who is trying to be something they're not.In December 2013 cancer therapy startup raised a 0 million Series A round.While the amount of money Juno raised is uncommon, a solid Series A round can net tens of millions for your company and provide the fuel needed to propel your company to market.

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