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For students with physical handicaps, self-image is extremely important.Teachers need to ensure that the child's self-image is positive.Here are seven everyday challenges and solutions in physical education today, all of which can be written into a student’s IEP.The first two things I always notice about phys ed classes are the loud music and fluorescent lights in the gym.His fine vision is lost, and he can’t detect light and color, but he can see shadows of figures. Of those children, many of them are included in general education classes in our public schools and the numbers continue to grow, especially among children with cognitive disabilities such as autism.Jay is one of 2.8 million school-aged children with a disability, according to the 2010 U. The population of students with physical impairments may be smaller, but more and more educators have these students in their classrooms.Jay Spencer, a physically disabled sixth grader at Hayfield Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia, says he wishes his mainstream teachers knew what it felt like to see how he sees.

The focus needs to be on what the child CAN do - not can't do.1. Keep your expectations of the physically handicapped child high. Never accept rude remarks, name calling or teasing from other children.Physically handicapped children long to be normal and be seen as normal as much as possible. Find out what the child's strengths are and capitalize on them. Sometimes other children need to be taught about physical disabilities to develop respect and acceptance.5. (I had a child with CP who took immense delight when I noticed her new hair barrettes or a new outfit). Make adjustments and accommodations whenever possible to enable this child to participate.7.Never pity the physically handicapped child, they do not want your pity.8.I know that my son has hypotonia, but he has never been eligible for physical therapy in school.Then there’s the problem of delayed social skills – how does a student participate in a team activity when social nuances are confusing?

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In general, it is appropriate to reference the disability only when it is pertinent to the situation.

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