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In my practice, I’ve observed a strange irony that exists. Single or married, we are all on a journey of becoming… It’s time to recognize that our value, contentment, peace, and purpose has so much less to do with our relationship status and so much more with who God made us to be.

Human selfishness has caused pain, heart break, and strain in their life that they never imagined possible. Insecurities deep within have caused pain and heart break.

I’ve come to realize that no matter who you are, or where you are- every stage of life comes with it’s own set of struggles. I think it’s time for us as believers to take inventory of what is really going on inside of our hearts.

On the spectrum of single to married, I was way far left on the single side. Because it is in the VERY moment that I place my joy in the circumstances of this life, I lose it.

I think it was about whether people look their age or not. It was very nice to be able to put faces to the names and personalities here. I am a white anglo saxon heterosexual middle aged male and don't really know how to go about getting a date.

Over the past decade, I have counseled just as many singles who want to be married, as I have counseled marrieds who want to be single. It’s time to take our focus off of the problems that our “relationship status” (whether married or single) have brought us, and instead fix our eyes on the potential that God has in store for us in this very moment. Potential for transformation, for consecration, for sanctification.

Why do losers appear to be beating off women with a stick, but "nice guys" that should be good on paper can't get a date? Similar to how the women of these message boards say men say they want to be asked out but really don't, women often don't say what they mean either.

In addition, it is less important if women are not financially stable because men are usually the providers.

I did an experiment to see how hard men have it on the dating scene, so I initiated contact with 10 men on the dating website whom I found attractive.

However, for serious relationships, women cannot usually date significantly younger they are still "boys." They tend to be less mature, in a different stage of life, not financially stable, or not ready to get married and have children.

Although younger women may share some of these characteristics, women are typically more mature or ready to marry and have children.

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Why do losers appear to be beating off women with a stick, but "nice guys" that should be good on paper can't get a date? But, I never joined or spent a lot of time on it, so I could be mistaken.

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  1. I'm sure that everyone here on this site could make a claim that a characteristic they have is the reason that there aren't a lot of people of the same characteristic on this site. That might be the reason some people seem to be getting romantic ideas.