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I didn't have an agent at the time, and it kind of threw me into real acting.I still credit Adrian Lester with being one of my biggest influences. Shane: Yep, and my dad is Jamaican-British Portuguese. We thought about Shannon West, but it was actually taken by a girl.In Act II, Othello and his task force are choppered out to Cyprus where a heavily fortified compound is ready and waiting for them. Looks as though they conquered the enemy and built Camp Bastion in 24 hours flat. Othello’s squadron boasts two strange new recruits.Iago’s wife, Emilia, wears full British army uniform which, according to this show, is the correct costume for a Venetian aristocrat’s lady’s maid. Her flak jacket and helmet indicate membership of a British infantry regiment while her turquoise rucksack hints at a UN role, possibly as Breast Cancer Awareness Ambassador, like Geri Halliwell. Because modern soldiery is sabre-free, Othello’s tremendous line — ‘Keep up your bright swords for the dew will rust them’ — is translated into wet-fish Homeric pastiche: ‘Hold your hands’.Reflecting on his local youth theatre experience when he was 14, Lester revealed: “I loved it.But I didn’t necessarily believe that loving it and enjoying it meant that I was allowed to do it.” He continued: “Just because I enjoyed it and I had a laugh doing it, I didn’t think I’d be allowed to earn a living doing that job – until I was given the opportunity.What happens when you first sit down for lunch with Ashley Madekwe and Shane West? Read on., which surpassed everyone's expectations. We were just surprised that it resonated that much even though we knew we told a good story.

Hanging out with these two (who star on WGN America's hit new series ) isn't work at all, and it's only because of how laid-back, witty, and thoughtful they are.

“When I said ‘I’ll begin with the women’, I looked at the audience and all the women knew exactly what I’d meant.

Because they’d begun the evening thinking, ‘Go on then’,” he said.

Adrian Lester has claimed he never thought he would be allowed to be an actor because drama, music and dance were not encouraged when he was at school.

The renowned actor was speaking to Digital Theatre’s Fiona Lindsay about his career, as part of The Theatre Lives series produced by Digital Theatre in association with The Stage– when he stressed the importance of giving opportunities to young, aspiring actors.

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