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His face is still showing pillow creases behind his Warby Parker shades and his mop top is stuffed under an Oakland A's cap.

"I think our waiter is that guy from fun.," he says, turning to Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, his partners in the Lonely Island, the kings of You Tube comedy, whose videos, beginning with their 2005 gangster-rap flip "Lazy Sunday," have amassed a staggering one billion You Tube views.

About 5-10 seconds later when it cuts back to the same shot, it has disappeared mysteriously.

According to the story, this film takes place in the US state of Washington.

He also misses his dead dad, whom he thinks was Evel Knievel's back-up. When his stepfather needs an operation, with help from his brother and his slacker pals, Rod hatches a plan to set a school-bus-jumping record on his moped.

First, his crew and he have to raise money to rent the buses and build the ramp. Looming failure is complicated by the return of Denise, Rod's next-door neighbor and secret heartthrob, who is home from college. During the scene where all four of the Hot Rod team is marching down the street and the large crowd forms behind them, you can clearly see a Canadian RCMP car parked at the building in the immediate background.

What’s perplexing about these films’ failure is that they perfectly embody the Lonely Island aesthetic that made them such successes in music, video, and television.When you’re acting in a movie, you can just go in, film your parts, do some voiceover, but for this, you’re also writing and producing and have to be involved every step of the way. Schaffer: Yes, well before we’re greenlit and know it’s real and have a writing deal.Judd saying, “I’ll produce it if you write it” was enough that we said, “Okay, let’s treat it like it’s going to be a real movie.” Taccone: We have to pretend like the train is moving and then other people need to get on board, kind of thing.That’s what makes this one very unique for us, and exciting. Had you been accumulating ideas over the last few years, and was this something that came to you a long time ago and you’ve written down ideas as they came? Samberg: The premise and the format was something we’d been talking about for a few years, and then Akiva had a meeting with Judd Apatow who had a similar idea—he pitched it to Akiva basically: “I think it would be cool if you did something like this,” and Akiva was like, “That’s the idea we’ve been talking about,” so Judd said, “If you write it, I’ll produce it.” So, we started writing it.Or was it literally sitting down one day and saying, “Let’s do this”? Schaffer: Yeah, that’s when it switched to the second half of what you said, the moment of like, “Oh, let’s do it right now” and that’s when we had to cancel other things that we had percolating, other movie ideas, and go, “Let’s act like this is happening and start writing.” That was about two and a half years ago.

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on a Friday, and Andy Samberg isn't ready to make any big decisions.

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