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"That's not how things are normally done," Tudyk says.

Sit next to Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion for more than a few seconds and you'll start to feel jealous: not just of their chiseled jawlines, but of their heartwarming bro-ship.

Pisces El Paso, Texas, United States Los Angeles, California, United States Alan Tudyk went to the Haggard Middle School.

He later joined Plano Senior High School, which is located in suburbs of Dallas.

He later got admission at the famed Juilliard School.

However, he dropped out in 1996 without completing his studies.

How'd you decide who was gonna be the pathetic one in the series? One of the truths is that Nathan Fillion is — he's tough to get ahold of. : He's done a lot of stuff where he's had to be out of town. : Myself, another friend of mine, and my housekeeper.

Nowadays, though, that description rings doubly true: Many of Tudyk's best performances are as cartoons.

If you track IMDb, or have exceptionally attuned hearing, you may know that Tudyk has voiced small but memorable parts in all of Disney Animation's recent hits, from director Gareth Edwards knew he wanted K-2SO to be a mo-cap performer, so he called up Tudyk for advice. At the time, Tudyk was hanging at the house of a certain famous friend.

The two actors became geek icons when they acted alongside one another in Joss Whedon's canceled-too-soon sci-fi TV series Firefly and have been close ever since. So that's Saturday night, go to sleep, wake up groggy on Sunday, and you have to go to bed early again because it starts at five o'clock in the morning.

This year, they're deepening their partnership with a new crowd-funded web series, Con Man, in which Tudyk and Fillion play Wray and Jack, actors who once worked on a thinly veiled Firefly analogue. That's Wray's relationship with Jack: He's always trying to catch up with his friend, Wray, who's stuck in his career.

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You can also hear him provide voices in Frozen, Adventure Time and Wreck It Ralph, for which he delivered a breakout performance as King Candy. ' Star Wars Aftermath' Author Chuck Wendig on Games Writing and Jar Jar He cut his teeth writing RPGs, wants to write Luke Skywalker, and he thinks he's done right by the most reviled Gungan in the galaxy Inspired by a life going to fan conventions he also recently created his own show (and accompanying mobile game) Con Man, which follows former science fiction star Wray Nerely.

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