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Michael Logan, a TV guide reporter, recently confirmed the rumors, but Alison Sweeney’s rep countered with a statement that it wasn’t a done deal.While “Days of Our Lives” fans wait for Sweeney to make it official, they can check out the Daytime Emmy nominated actress in a new movie on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. So, as a friendly reminder that anything is possible when it comes to the love lives of celebrities, ch-ch-check out all the stars who married everyday people! Everyday Citizens Who Hit The Jackpot And Married Celebrities! Everyday Citizens Who Hit The Jackpot And Married Celebrities! Everyday Citizens Who Hit The Jackpot And Married Celebrities! Everyday Citizens Who Hit The Jackpot And Married Celebrities! Everyday Citizens Who Hit The Jackpot And Married Celebrities! Alison had been the show's ringleader since season 4, which aired back in 2007. And what on earth is Kelly Ripa doing to get so ripped?!? Listening to that song on repeat won’t get you looking hot for summer — but these other celebrity fitness regiments are actually PROVEN to tighten and tone the parts of your body that you want to look their best! What does it take to have legs that look like Carrie Underwood’s?The Hallmark Movies and Mysteries website calls it the kind of place where “everyone knows each other and secrets don’t stay hidden for long.” The town may seem perfect on the surface, but Hannah will quickly learn that things aren’t always as they seem.After she finds her friend/delivery driver dead in the alley behind her shop, she’ll be on a mission to uncover the truth before someone else bites the dust.

"The Biggest Loser" is shedding more than pounds this season.The "Days of Our Lives" star began the position in 2007, following comedian and former "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star Caroline Rhea, who hosted the first three seasons. The exit comes a year after trainer Jillian Michaels left the show. She will be keeping busy with numerous projects, including a Hallmark Channel movie "Love on the Air," which will premiere Sept. ” CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "12 Celebrity Workouts To Get Your Body Ready For The Beach This Summer! Ch-ch-check out her plans after , she is literally overflowing with tips and tricks to staying fit and losing weight!Luckily, she decided to share some of her wisdom and dropped some serious knowledge bombs on us about living a healthier lifestyle! , Alison Sweeney can certainly afford to retire to a tropical paradise and sip on reduced-sugar strawberry daquaris for the rest of her life!

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