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He also played Sonny Liston in the TV movie King of the World.He is not Steve Harris the bassist for Iron Maiden, Steve Harris the author of Straker's Island, Steve Harris the pro basketball player, Steve Harris the celebrity doctor, or Steve Harris the drummer for the British improvisational group Zaum.

Amidst the ongoing circus of bizarre court cases, Harris's Eugene took over as the law firm's senior partner in the series' eighth and final season, when former nominal star Dylan Mc Dermott was "disappeared" from the cast.

Levi stars as the film’s main villain, Thin White Duke, a supremely evil guy who has the audacity to cross our favorite fake detective, Shawn Spencer (James Roday), his trusty sidekick Burton Guster (Dulé Hill), and the rest of the gang. finale, which saw our favorite Santa Barbara residents go their separate ways.

everyone on planet earth, Levi and his villainous hair waltzed onto the screen, stared directly into the camera and said, “I believe that’s a pineapple. After Thin White Duke strikes, the gang will reunite over the holidays to take this big bad down.

He acted in August Wilson's play, "The Piano Lesson" in a Bonnie Franklin's Classic Contemporary American Play production at the Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Alex Desert, Alex Morris, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Nathan Hinton, Lou Myers, Ariyan Johnson, and Alexious Toliver in the cast.

When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, the C. Family Guy (1999) pays homage to this show in season eight, episode twelve, when Peter pretends to be psychic, and helps the police solve a crime.

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It is produced by Franks and Tagline Television's Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak.

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