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Isy Suttie may be best-known for her work as Dobby in Peep Show, but visitors to Kings Place in North London during February will see a whole other side to her Tell me about your book, The Actual One? It’s about that moment when I realised that all my mates were settling down and about thinking that they should be waiting for me!I feel like now I have settled down and I’ve had a baby I’m revisiting that part of my life and reassessing.Date: 3rd January 2017 Length: 60 mins Size: 83.4mb Writer, comedian, and host of Do The Right Thing podcast Danielle Ward is Isy's guest for a conversation that hops, skips and jumps across papier-mache penguins, having songs written about...Listen Date: 17th December 2016 Length: 62 mins Size: 84.8mb Josh Widdicombe is Isy's guest in this eagerly anticipated, long delayed second episode.

Stop eating chips in my show.” This isn’t to say that a lot of chip-eating happens in Isy’s shows. But for some reason this morning I was imagining being heckled.I don’t know why I have to think it through in my head with every show.” It seems unlikely that anyone would want to heckle Isy Suttie, unless that heckle was to ask her out on a date.Isy melted hearts with her goofy smile and unapologetic quirk when she joined Peep Show as Dobby, IT geek and only chance for happiness for sad sack Mark, played by David Mitchell.I haven’t taken this decision lightly and am truly sorry to disappoint in any way.I hope to see you in the new year.” All ticket holders will be emailed today (13/09/16) they can have a full refund or keep hold of their ticket for when the show is rescheduled (date and details TBC) ‘Gloriously upbeat.’ EVENING STANDARD ‘A real gem.’ THE GUARDIAN ‘A cross between Lena Dunham and Victoria Wood.’ SUNDAY TIMES THE ACTUAL ONE is Isy Suttie’s brilliantly funny new show about that moment in your late 20s when you suddenly realise that all your mates are growing up without you – featuring stories, songs and readings from the new book of the same name.

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