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We saw pictures of them from the set looking cozy, but never heard for sure if they were together. [On if he's good friends with her now] Of course I am.

Well, Lucas did speak out about dating Miley: “This is coming out now. I think it will make the movie a little better cause it was definitely real.

So here is the deal with Taylor, if you agree to be in a relationship with her, and it doesn’t‎ work out, she will write a song about you and the whole fiasco.

Her love life is an open book and is always under the scrutiny of the media.

Country pop darling Taylor Swift has certainly become known for writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past.

Now fresh off of a breakup with One Direction's Harry Styles, it's time to play a familiar game: Which song is about Taylor's ex?

(July 2012-October 2012) During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Taylor explained that her single "Begin Again" is about, "When you've gotten through a really bad relationship and you finally dust yourself off." Coincidentally, the then 22-year-old was enamored with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.That’s the only reason that didn't work out." Back in August, he spoke to MTV News about his onscreen lip locks with Miley Cyrus and Taylor, noting that of the two, Taylor was his preferred spit-swapping partner. "I chose Taylor Swift and I'm gonna stick with that answer," he said. "They are a little too old for me — I'm actually looking at the 'Sherlock Holmes' poster right now — but Rachel Mc Adams is so hot and so talented and I really want to kiss her," he joked.Well, these days Taylor's been spotted hanging out with Taylor Lautner. "I really respect her career as well and I love talented actresses and she happens to be the complete package." Press play below to relive Taylor and Lucas falling for each other in her music video!Till this date, Lucas Till has dated many beautiful ladies but currently, he is single and focusing on his career.He has dated many celebrities which include Taylor Swift, Carlson Young, Kayslee Collins and Debby Ryan.

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In an interview with MTV, Till revealed that he dated Taylor Swift soon after appearing in her video for the single “You Belong With Me.”After that video, he got the chance to play in the Famous Disney Movie ‘Hanna Montana’ which was the great way to start the career.

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