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Prince's ex-wife is sharing new details about the pair's relationship in her new memoir, including how the two first met with and the night that the singer took her virginity.Mayte Garcia was just 16 and living in Germany when her mother submitted a video of the the teenager belly dancing to Prince, which allowed her to spend some time backstage at one of his shows.That same year she also inspires Prince's latest album, whose title was an unpronounceable symbol that later became known as Love Symbol.And in 1995, Prince penned his hit song 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' for Garcia.WATCH: Prince Found Dead in an Elevator, Police Continue to Investigate Death When he was 37, he wed his 22-year-old backup singer and dancer Mayte Garcia on Valentine's Day in 1996.According to VH1, the former couple met six years earlier when Mayte was a 16-year-old dancing prodigy attending one of his concerts.The medical examiner's confirmation, which was released Friday, ended a three-month investigation that, at one point, included homicide detectives.Officials determined the infant died October 23 of a skeletal abnormality known as Pfeiffer's Syndrome seven days after he was born. The death certificate lists his name as Boy Gregory, his mother as "Mia Gregory" and his race as "white." No father is named on the death certificate.

Prince later sued the Mojicas, saying they violated a confidentiality agreement.

"Going through my wife's pregnancy had a really powerful effect on me.

It just gave me the utmost respect for all of women." WATCH: Celebs React to Prince's Death Sadly their baby boy died just seven days after he was born due to Pfeiffer syndrome, which is a rare skull defect that causes pressure on the brain.

The two had been in a sexual relationship for years at that point, one that Prince initiated by informing Garcia one day that it was time for her to go on birth control. Garcia recalls in 'The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince' how he first caught Price's eye after her mother submitted that belly dancing tape she reveals in her new memoir.

Garcia was living in the European country at the time, and the day that Prince got her tape he invited her backstage at his concert.'Prince was outside his dressing room, shaking one of those little Easter egg maracas,' writes Garcia of their first encounter.'His hair was straightened to a soft wave, his eyelashes were unfairly lovely.

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She fell madly in love with Prince as a young dancer, tying the knot with the Purple Rain hitmaker in 1996 before splitting two years later.

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