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Melissa Tkautz's new single, "The Key," is officially available for purchase.

The song debuted on i Tunes on Friday, May 26, just weeks after the explosive reunion special of the first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Wanting to pay him back for talking to her like she was a child, Nikki took advantage of Elly’s absence from the surgery and made Max strip down to his underwear so she could make a correct diagnosis.

When her scam was revealed Nikki was made to apologise to Max and the pair begun to carve out a very unlikely friendship. Miles apart in personality the pair shared a common ground; living in Westside without their parents.

After settling into her new home and new job, Nikki rocked the boat when she started to date CJ.

It's been 13 years between albums for Melissa Tkautz, the former Australian soap actor whose foray into music in 1992 earned her two ARIA awards.

One minute I'm watching E Street in my lounge room, the next minute I’m starring in E Street and I've got a number one single in the charts".

When Pacific Drive was cancelled in 1998, Tkautz joined the cast of Medivac (1998) as Nurse Evie Morrison.

"This album is a true reflection of me and will show people who I am through my lyrics that are written from personal experiences.Tkautz later appeared in the series, All Saints (2001–02, 2004).Episodes 160 - 281 & 370 - 404 When Nikki Spencer arrived in Westside she was dressed in leather and full of attitude."It's funny because I actually had an ex-boyfriend ring up and ask if it was about him.Luckily for him it wasn't." Tkautz, who is signed to independent label JRB Music, will also be back on television over the coming months.

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