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But this is not always the case because some people, even celebrities you would not classify as attractive produce beautiful children while attractive parents produce not so much.

If you are still in doubt, just wait because you are about to get surprised by the attractiveness of some offspring from the so-called unlucky celebrities.

“I believed that my parents were very much in love,” Emily says, reflecting on her past. “Maybe he couldn’t handle it when she went back to work as a psychoanalyst.” Raised in tony Old Westbury, LI, the Stern daughters’ sheen as progeny of a celebrity belied a much more complicated adolescence.

People with the lucky DNA so to say, are often said to posses a real boon for having nothing but cute children.

Of course it is no doubt that how attractive people think we are, plays a key role in the way they assume our offspring will look.

As we stroll down memory lane, some of the best romantic scenes will pop up in your head.

You’ll think about those on-screen couples that took their chemistry off-screen.

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