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“God bless Andrew for letting me shoot all this stuff at the house! Cuomo’s three daughters, Cara, Michaela and Mariah, from his previous marriage, to Kerry Kennedy. The appearance is remarkable, not only because individual celebrities are not normally invited in consecutive years, but also because her business relationships are with the competitors of Macy’s. Lee’s homewares are sold through Kmart and Sears, while the lifeblood of her magazine distribution is checkout racks at Wal-Mart.

Lee, 48, is a millionaire entrepreneur with national fame.

Using Google's autocomplete as our guide, we looked into some of the questions most people still wonder about the star—and uncovered a few other surprising facts you may not know (like her QVC roots or the surprising job she'd be doing if she weren't a famous cook).

Lee certainly hasn't shied away from calling for pre-made foods in her recipes—including pound cake mix—but that doesn't mean she's promoting them because she gets a cut of every treat sold in stores. (The baked goods company is actually named after founder Charlie Lubin's daughter.)In fact, Lee was born Sandra Lee Waldroop, but she dropped her last name as she got older. Already thinking about being independent, and not really caring if my hair is messy or not; just happy to be in the sun!

Suddenly she grabs my arm and propels me onto the sidewalk as a couple of yellow cabs screech to a halt just a tad closer to us than I might have wished. Except that now they will be commuting between Westchester and the Governor’s Mansion in Albany, and Cuomo’s daughters go to local schools.

“I’m not quite sure how all this is going to work out yet,” says Lee.

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She spent the $50,000 she'd saved up to create an infomercial, and the products started selling like crazy.

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