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Mariah and Michaela are in Brown University and Cara in Harvard.

Cuomo and Kennedy were married for thirteen long years with three kids and they have to end their marriage. Andrew Cuomo tried to show that his splitting up with wife Kerry Kennedy was amicable but that’s not reality.

Mariah and Cara are twins and all their daughters are no enrolled in Ivy League College.

“Bobby went to the [December] Knicks game with his daughter when she was home on break from school,” the rep explained.

“Coincidentally, Heléne was at the same game that night.” Bobby (far left) and Heléne (second from right) in December 2015.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Bobby and his third wife, Stephanie — who married in February 2005 — announced their separation in April 2015.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was once married to the daughter of a famous Kennedy clan Kerry Kennedy. Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy have three daughter together; Mariah Cuomo, Cara Cuomo and Michaela Cuomo while they were married.

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