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“I keep saying, ‘You’re welcome everybody, I did it! Check out the video on You Tube if you’re not one of the 142 million who have already done so.’ My gay energy is very powerful,” she tells me, though she’s also honest enough to admit that her brief conversation with Barack Obama was not quite the meeting of minds she had envisaged. It’s a beautiful tear-jerker following a gay man’s journey from miserable teenager to a glorious wedding party.She linked us up—we’d never worked together before or met, and this all happened in one day.

For anyone who’s dealt with trauma, Lambert—a plus-size, queer survivor of childhood abuse and gang rape—is like a pop-culture therapist, and for anyone who hasn’t, she’s a damn good singer raising awareness about some pretty intense issues.

Singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, LGBTQ activist, poet Note – Lambert met her first serious girlfriend (unidentified) while she was studying in high school.

Her girlfriend was also a part of the same evangelical church and they used to visit the church every Sunday to beg forgiveness for their relationship. However, the relationship didn’t last long after the engagement.

Watch the singer share stories from behind the scenes of the “Hang Out With You” video below.

Lambert described what it was like to sing at the Grammy Awards as well.

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The first time I went to see Mary Lambert perform, in 2013, I didn’t expect to leave with tear-stained cheeks.

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