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Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan became a free agent in 2015, after his contract with music label Universal Music Taiwan expired after 13 years.

Although many other labels approached Wilber to sign him at that time, all the offers inexplicably fell through.

Bebe was even photographed entering and leaving Wilber's apartment at will, leading to speculations of cohabitation, but he denied and said he was merely lending his car to a friend.

; born 6 August 1980), also known as Will Pan, is an American-Taiwanese singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and entrepreneur.

I even supported him at a variety show during his album release.

I’m impressed that she keeps lopping off her hair since she went a decade being the long-haired cute girl next door image in Taiwan.

She first uploaded the original bill but realised his name was revealed.

It was deleted immediately and she uploaded another one with a heart over his name. Doris clarified through her manager last Saturday that she did meet Wilber in New York.'Our mutual friend got married in the States, so we met at the banquet. Wilber foot the bill in advance and it was split among the rest of us.'The 30-year-old also explained she wanted to avoid questions on her relationship status and causing any inconvenience to Wilber, so she deleted the photos.

The song “Audience” is about love, of course, and for the MV Rainie brought together the three most important men in her life as a star.

It’s her three most iconic drama leading men pairings, starting with Mike He who did .

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Both were excellent and better than most dramas actually, but for an actress who used to churn out one or two dramas a year it’s been a prolonged hiatus from the small screen since 2011’s could have been if Will had been able to act back then. After filming the MV, Rainie cut off her already short bob into a pixie boy cut and showed up at the media event to promote a chewing gum brand she endorses.

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