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This problem appears to be quite common – so much so that there is even an acronym made for it: WEDR – Windows Explorer Doesn’t Refresh! 🙂 Microsoft has released some hotfixes to resolve such issues at KB960954 and KB823291.Please check they apply to your operating system and situation before you decide to download and apply them.Explorer has it's limitations I suspect, 3rd party alternatives may provide more robustness. Update: After using this change for a while I found that IE and Last Pass were acting strangely (On Win 8 RP). I do not know if the same would occur in Win 7 but I am not taking the chance.I am not sure how or why this would happen, but it did. I just did a fresh install of Win7 Enterprise SP1 x64 on to an SSD and noticed auto-refresh was not happening as I went through my usual houskeeping routine.It only appears to be happening with us, when it is left in hiberation/standby mode for more than one day.Here in the IDTP office we have found some simple work arounds: Option 1 Microsoft doesn’t appear to have fixed this file and folder refresh issue which can also be found in Windows XP and Windows Vista.I'd really appreciate some advice here if possible. Thanks for the quick reply but I'm not sure how to open an elevated command prompt.Is it just the "Run" command that I enter SFC /SCANNOW into?

I added some RAM, a second hard disk, a PCI parallel port, and a PCI USB 3.0 port. I copied all of my data over a LAN from my old computer to the new hard drive that I installed. TIA Duncan As Xircal said, this one's been around since W7 was in public Beta, if not earlier.

I conclude from the thread that there is no solution at present. I would also recommend removing Libraries from your system if you do not actively use it. I think I will install it and use it often in order to minimize the wear and tear on Windows Explorer. I was able to live with this since I had only owned the computer for 3 or 4 days. ) in my case - I believe - was the copying with Windows Explorer of 146 GB of data from my old PC to my new one.

I have libraries disabled and have not run into this behavior, .. Having lived with a full-blown case of auto-refresh dysfunction, I want to postpone the return of this issue for as long as possible. I have a vague feeling that this may have exhausted poor Explorer.

I actually suspect this is more to do with a Windows 7 coding issue rather than any third-party application.

The file and folder refresh problem occurs on the Windows 7 Desktop and Explorer and is a mighty frustrating problem.

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Some think the Windows 7 file and folder refresh problem might be linked to either a malicious file or some third-party application.

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