Wpf status bar text not updating

This solution differs just a little from the non-static one : you can’t use string.empty as a property name to signal a change of every static properties values.If you do so you’ll, at the time I write this post, get an : “Unable to cast object of type ‘Property Record’ to type ‘Listener List'”.This is a text editor with a tool bar row in the top, a text field in the middle and a status bar at the bottom. In the Windows Forms era Visual Studio always generated a magic designer file - and of you edited code in it you typically broke the application.This file typically contained a lot of information about graphical elements, where they were located and so on. Now, in WPF you can think of this designer file as being replaced with an XML file - in Microsofts world XAML (for Extensible Application Markup Language, see more [4]).Working in XAML makes me think of one of my first jobs where I used to hack lots of HTML - making forms in HTML is for me a lot like writing XAML.But you do not have to "code" in XAML - you can just as well add your buttons and your status bar in C# code - it is just removes the visual part from Visual Studio.

For example, here is a very simple module: Tools are usually docked to the sides of the window, although they can also be dragged free to become floating windows.

Jeremy adds: I went ahead and implemented a minimal new external command Cmd Status Bar for The Building Coder samples to demonstrate this.

NET topics that don't fall within any of the other . NET language you are using and/or what type of application (Windows/Web Forms, etc) you are working in, if applicable to the question. NET section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. Start(); You'll find that you get cross thread operation errors when calling form object methods on this thread.

My first reaction to WPF was to think of the Glade User Interface Designer (see [3]) - I don't really know how relevant the comparison is as of yet.

My first little tutorial will be on making a simple text editor (you can never have too many text editors, right? Once we have walked through this tutorial you should be able to have produced something like the below screen shot.

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