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'I turn away potential business every single day, but ethically, if I know that it's going to be very difficult to match them, I just can't accept them,' she added.Ms Tregobov, who has been in the matchmaking business for the past 18 years, said they added the herpes aspect to a list of questions they ask potential clients, after several people came forward asking for help.The victim was taken to hospital in unstable condition but was later upgraded to stable."The victim in this case is very fortunate," Skrabek said. We don't know whether he would have been able to get to a hospital, whether he would have gotten treatment." She wouldn't say where exactly the alleged assault was broadcast.They want something more meaningful in a relationship.

Mc Kay said the percentage of the population with herpes is “huge,” but most people don’t know they carry the virus.

While having many sexual partners does carry increased risks of acquiring any STI, herpes can spread between partners in long-term relationships just as easily, he said.

“Many of the people who may be making jokes about herpes may in fact have it themselves and they are unaware of it,” said Mc Kay.

People with genital herpes may find they have better luck in the love stakes than smokers on one dating site.

Camelot Introductions, based in Winnipeg, Canada, has added a section for people with the sexually transmitted disease, but no longer work with those who smoke.'As of a year ago, we stopped accepting clients who smoke, because time after time when we were attempting to match (them), their files would be rejected,' said Lianne Tregobov, 'intuitive matchmaker' at the company.

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