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What about the other strange, lesser known superstitions. After a quick google search and quite a few snort laughs after reading Franklin Habit’s post about the Lesser Known Yarn Superstitions. Most folks have heard about the Boyfriend Sweater Superstition.

If you knit your boyfriend a sweater he’ll break up with you. Now statistically, it takes awhile to knit a dang sweater, so yeah…the odds are not in your favor if you haven’t been with the dude long.

Dating apps like Tinder offer a quick look at a potential connection, with a simple swipe to either decline or accept the potential match.

The stakes are high for putting the right picture in your profile.

Participants were placed into an opposite sex condition and then randomly assigned to view one of four profile pictures of the same male and female.

Gleeden, a website founded by two French businessmen in 2009 with headquarters in New York, is mainly for married women and men looking to date other married people.

It claims to be a world leader in the market of online extramarital dating, with a presence in more than 150 countries.

Over the past decade, I have made very deliberate decisions to live my life with total authenticity. I’ve got the endorphins to prove it in today’s Friday Confidence Booster (watch below).

This means telling the truth in all things (if this sounds intriguing, check out Martha Beck’s “Integrity Cleanse”).

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